WalkerSoftware Text Advert Exchange

A WalkerSoftware Text Advert Exchange Script allows webmasters to exchange Text Adverts similar to Google's Adsense across their websites without the need to outlay any cash. The script owner will set a ratio for the exchange that will create an inventory which he can sell. The WalkerSoftware script is an advanced web based promotion tool that allows you to create a membership community fast that is easy to support without the need for baby sitting. The script uses industrial strength MySQL to handle a virtually unlimited number of members and transactions.

Features of WalkerSoftware
- Completely populated to start taking cash from the minute its installed... The install comes with all the login offers and OTO's already added. Everything is included even down to the sales copy *(Graphics not included)
- Surfing Guard site checker already installed so you can automate the checking and keep your exchange virus free... A huge time saver
- Faster Smarter Surf bar technology, that speeds up traffic delivery.
- Works ON Themes Just like wordpress. So you can turn different designs on and off at will...
For instance if you do a special Easter or Christmas offer you can temporarily change your whole site design at the click of a button
- State of the art IPN system with multiple payment processors... CreateS payment buttons within the script immediately
- Custom built owners dashboard... Giving you state of the art statistics so you can better mange your delivery and profitability.
- Anti-Cheat Measures - The LFMTE includes features to ensure the surf bar is being clicked by real humans instead of auto-click software. Including Our exclusive Safe Surf Icon technology.
- Dynamic Clicking Ratios - Members can be given an increasing number of credits per click as they view more pages that day. The number of credits given per click will reset automatically at midnight
- Monthly Bonuses - Each membership level can be given a number of free credits, banner impressions, and text ad impressions each month

License type: Free
Date added: 1 year, 3 months 14 days ago | Last updated: 1 year, 3 months 10 days ago

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