Twitter Blackbird Pie 0.5.1

This is a WordPress plugin to retrieve tweets and present them in a post's content. To do this it uses a WordPress shortcode. The user has to know either the tweet's URL or ID.

Features of Twitter Blackbird Pie:
- Non-English tweets
- Exact same look and feel as the respective Twitter profile.
- Allows for multiple "pies" in a single post (as seen in the examples below).
- Stores the generated HTML in a custom field (if possible), so the Twitter API is only called the first time.
- Slightly better styling than the original Blackbird Pie
- Better use of the Twitter profile background image and color and tiling.
- Uses the Twitter profile text color.
- Uses the Twitter profile link color.
- Dates are displayed like on Twitter i.e. "real time" datetime of when the tweet was tweeted.
- Auto-linking of URLs, hashtags, usernames within the tweet text.
- Use either the id or full URL of the tweet.

- WordPress 2.9.2 or Higher

What's New in this version 0.5.1:
- Adds a twitter field in the user profile page so each user can capture their twitter username. This username is then used as the 'related' user for web intents.
- Included fix to allow for PHP 4 (replaced private variable declarations with var).
- Included a json_decode override so the default is used on PHP 5 and falls back to function if PHP 4.
- Made some changes to the output tweet HTML and fixed up some CSS styling issues.

License type: GPL
Date added: 4 years, 8 months 25 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 8 months 23 days ago

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