TM::MyCSV 1.0

TM::MyCSV can manage CSV files with support for storing, retrieving and deleting rows of data and also to add and remove columns from those files.

Inserted row identifier column values may be auto-incremented. The row retrieval is binary safe, may obey a given column sorting criteria similar to SQL ORDER BY clause, limit the number of retrieved rows similar to LIMIT clause, and support joins like with SQL LEFT OUTER JOIN.

Importing and exporting data to and from MySQL database tables is possible through a separate sub-class.

Another class can generate an HTML forms based user interface for accessing data from CSV files, as well alter their columns.

PHP 4.0.5 or higher

License type: Free for non-commercial purposes.
Date added: 6 years, 7 months 23 days ago | Last updated: 6 years, 7 months 23 days ago

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