Tiny Tiny IRC 0.8-1

A Web-based IRC tool, with support for both client and server packages working on top of AJAX, PHP, Java and PostgreSQL technologies. Tiny Tiny IRC is quite a powerful tool, being able to work with multiple clients connected at the same time and with multiple channel connections for each user individually.

Coded on top of the Bootstrap framework, the interface is easy to use and has access to all the basic IRC functionality. As for real-time communications, you don't have to worry because of that, Tiny Tiny IRC using AJAX PUSH notifications, sending messages from the server to the client as soon as they're available.

This means there's no need for the client to request new chat data from the server, working in real-time just like any other Flash-based chats or IRC clients. And if you use a Webkit-based browser like Chrome or Safari, desktop notifications are also supported.

Other useful features include access to the source code for low-level modifications and favicon "unread message" counters.

Requirements of Tiny Tiny IRC:
- PHP 5 or higher
- PostgreSQL 8.3 or higher
- Java SE 1.5 or higher

License type: GPL
Date added: 2 years, 3 months 18 days ago | Last updated: 1 year, 4 months 2 days ago

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