Thaana conversions class 0.4

This PHP script provides a number of useful functions for the conversion and transliteration of text between various Thaana text representation formats. Thaana is the modern writing system of the Divehi language spoken in the Maldives.

This script facilitate Thaana websites to display a news article in latinized Thaana if the user does not have the required fonts installed and/or cannot install the Thaana fonts.

Thaana conversions script should be used together with Thaana Text Render.

Features of Thaana conversions class:
· convertUtf8ToUnicodeIntegers()
· convertUtf8ToAscii()
· convertUtf8ToEntities()
· convertEntitiesToUnicodeIntegers()
· convertEntitiesToUtf8
· convertEntitiesToAscii()
· convertUnicodeIntegersToUtf8()
· convertUnicodeIntegersToEntities()
· convertUnicodeIntegersToAscii()
· convertAsciiToUtf8()
· convertAsciiToEntities()
· convertAsciiToUnicodeIntegers()
· convertLatinToAscii()
· convertAsciiToLatin()

- PHP 5 or Higher

License type: MIT License
Date added: 5 years, 1 month 18 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 1 month 12 days ago

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