SRESI is a smart command line bookmarks manager with an optional PHP interface, it was written as a bridge between the good, old hierarchical representation and the more modern tag-based social bookmarking. SRESI can switch from a list of tagged bookmarks to a tree or portal view, with directory names and tags seen as equivalent.

Going from tree to tagged list is easy enough. For the other way, SRESI can take a tagged list and generate an exhaustive tree or a portal, where each bookmark is at every place in the hierarchy you can expect to find it. Tag parentage is infered and absurd branches absorbed back in their saner versions. An import function is provided for the most common formats (Delicious, Mozilla, Opera, XBEL).

SRESI stands for Stockage, Recherche et Export de Signets Internet (Storage, Search and Export of Internet Bookmarks). Not great, but the few good ideas I managed to scrounge up were already taken.

What's New in This Release SRESI:
- some of the folder and bookmark paths were never added
- Legal:
clarify the license for (which is LGPL with a linking exception, as the included INRIA code mandates, instead of GPL like the rest of the application).
- output was constrained by the maximum string size(16MB on x86), we now use a regularly purged buffer,
- folder descriptions were not used during XBEL import;

License type: GPL
Date added: 5 years, 9 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 6 days ago

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