SQL Solution 8.4

SQL Solution is a set of PHP scripts for interacting with various database systems. It provides a powerful, user friendly, platform independent API (Application Programming Interface) for MySQL (via PHP's mysql and mysqli extensions), PostgreSQL, SQLite (via PHP's sqlite and sqlite3 extensions) and ODBC database management systems. Different versions for PHP 4 and 5 exist.

Features of SQL Solution:
- Automatically connecting to hosts and databases.
- Querying.
- Trapping errors and providing detailed descriptions about them.
- Escaping HTML characters before output.
- Converting Safe Markup tags and URI's into real HTML.
- Formatting results into HTML tables or lists.
- Generating HTML form elements based on actual database content.
- Producing output that's XML/XHTML compliant and accessible by disabled persons.
- Fostering a portable and ungradable framework.

License type: Freeware
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