SMTP E-mail sending class 1.0

SMTP E-mail sending class connects to a SMTP mail server to send messages.

Features of SMTP E-mail sending class:
- Relaying message delivery to a programmer defined SMTP server.
- Programmer defined server address, server port, connection timeout, origin host address.
- Support for authentication methods PLAIN and LOGIN.
- Support for POP3 based authentication before delivery.
- Direct delivery to one or more recipients with e-mail addresses with the same domain, so you do not need to relay on a own or your ISP SMTP server.
- Setting sender and recipient address as a separate step from the sending the headers and the body of the message.
- Returns message delivery success.
- Detects extensions supported by the SMTP server.
- Takes advantage of the SMTP PIPELINING extension to buffer SMTP commands, therefore minimizing SMTP dialogue between the class and the server in order to provide a much faster queueing of messages to be delivered to a large amount of recipients ( bulk mail ).

this class is better used in conjunction with the class "MIME E-mail message composing and sending class". See in the Email group.

License type: BSD - BSD License
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