slGrid 2.0

slGrid uses a plugin system to define how table cell contents should be displayed. For example, you can transform an email address into a clickable mailto-link. There is a special plugin that is called before a new row is added to the table when in editing mode (MODE_EDIT). This allows you to run additional filters on the user input (for example, to check for in-appropriate words), or to add additional content, such as an ID field.

Feature of slGrid:
- Easy Integration
- Selective Non-Editable Fields
- Export To XLS
- Filters Support

What's New in This Release Version 2.0 slGrid:
- Increased performance for large tables significantly (from 4 seconds on each Ajax call for a 10,000 row table to 0,2 seconds).
- The grid is now able to fall back to GET parameters if JavaScript is disabled (VIEW mode only).
- Added support for joins of multiple tables.
- Changed the hover behaviour when over table headers for sorting.
- Replaced Xajax with HTML_Ajax - you can now use Javascript in the table.
- Rewrote the Excel export to be faster and more compatible.
- Replaced the functions that mark columns as "email", "url" or "image" with a more flexible plugin-based system.
- Cleaned up HTML.
- Added "Cancel" link when editing rows.
- Backwards incompatible changes:
. Placed all style information into external CSS styles, removed therefore all style functions.
. Removed functions to get and set the selected row - can be readded later based on user feedback.

- Extract the slGrid files to your homesite folder. The result whould be "yourhomesite/slgrid".
- Define your database, username password in the view.php.
- To get started, change the lines between "// Define your grid" and "// End definition".
- Call up view.php in your browser. You should see the grid.

License type: GPL
Date added: 5 years, 4 months 5 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 4 months 5 days ago

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