Simple SQL 1.0

Simple SQL classprovides functions to retrieve single fields or rows of a table, insert rows given arrays of column names and values, update single fields of a given table row, delete given table rows and many other common needs.

- This PHP class file will eliminate nearly all code from the built in std mysql PHP functions.
- Speed, it will dramatically decrease development and execution time.
- Extremely easy to use; one hardly has to understand the MySQL syntax.
- It automatically determines whether or not there is an open connection to the MySQL server. It will connect and reconnect automatically.
- The built in debugging functions make it easy to solve syntax error and logic error.
- Supports arrays for arguments and returns ASSOC arrays from the DB with indexes.
- Stores resource links and common variables such as the last table used.

License type: GPL - GNU Public License
Date added: 10 years, 6 months 7 days ago | Last updated: 10 years, 6 months 7 days ago

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