Simple Server 1.0

Simple Server provides an interface for implementing TCP socket servers by handling the connections, sending and retrieving data to the clients that connect to the server.

Simple Server has the ability buffer the data received from the clients. The data may be returned to the calling script in smaller chunks split by a given divider character sequence.

Simple Server is convinient for line oriented protocols with which the line break and line feed character sequence is used to delimit the protocol commands. But in your opinion you can choose any character to split or deactivate splitting.

You can build servers that handle the protocol dialogs in loops, but you can also create servers that are just waiting for one connection and then they shut down when they are that with that connection.

Now there is also a second class inside this package (SimpleServerCallback) which allows you to create simplified callback based TCP Deamons.

Simple Server is very easy to handle this way, a example for this is also included. But you should note that the Callback Interface is testing and not stable yet!

License type: GPL - GNU General Public License
Date added: 9 years, 7 months 5 days ago | Last updated: 9 years, 7 months 5 days ago

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