Simple Login Class 1.00

With Simple Login Class, passwords are kept in a text file using a base64 encryption with MD5 and SHA1 hashing. All in an addition to a Strrev function. It can create records of users which are stored in text files.

The script can also authenticate users by looking up the record text files and check if the supplied password matches the records. Sessions are started when the user successfully authenticates. It can also verify if an user is having an authenticated session, and log him out when the case.

Key Features of Simple Login Class:
- Proven Security system and Unbreakable!
- Light in Weight
- No DB needed to stores the login credentials
- Uses access encoding technique(base64) and two hashing techniques(SHA1 & MD5) to store your password more securely!
- Can be used any where just be embedding a snippet at top of the file to be protected
- Can be used to store any number of User Logins
- Can handle sessions for safety
- Separate access files to register, login and logout
- Very Simple User Registration!
- Handy and can be used for any purposes
- No Configuration is needed to use this class
- Highly reliable

PHP 3 or higher

License type: BSD License
Date added: 5 years, 9 months 9 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 9 months 9 days ago

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