RubberwaLL Anti-leech File Protection 2.0

RubberwaLL is a free watertight anti-leech solution for your site. All files sit in a protected directory, which only the script itself has login permissions for. Upon receipt of a file request, the script checks the visitor has actually come from YOUR site.
If they do originate from your site, the script logs on to the protected folder, loading the requested file into memory. It is then fed to the visitors browser directly and transparently. This means its impossible for users to see the real address of your files and even if they did get hold of it they would be unable to obtain any files.

Therefore, its not possible for your files to be hotlinked by any website except yours. All settings are written into an easy to read configuration file keeping the script blisteringly fast. Full readme provided. For easy administration, every access grant or denial is logged in a special file.

NEW v2.0 No longer needs url fopen, for added speed and security!

License type: GPL
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