phpPuszAdmin 1.2

phpPuszAdmin is a Web admin interface for PuszBaza similar to like phpMyAdmin or phpPgAdmin. PuszBaza does not require any additional software like MySql or PostgreSql. It is based only on PHP4.

Data is stored in usual text files with the following stucture (example):
id; name;how;
1;  doll;cool;
2;  carrot;stupid;

where the first line of the file are the names of columns. It is very similar to csv files for sql based software. To connect with PuszBaza you just need to include file puszkinbaza.php. To optimalize the size of puszkinbaza.php (and make loading of your site faster) I recommend to include only the functions you need. With regard to security this database does not provide any protection against unauthorised use. So if someone knows the name of your data file he can view your data without any problems. PuszBaza is very useful for various guest books, forums, surveys, counters, etc.

Puszbaza is a flat database you can download on phpKode. With phpPuszAmin you can create, delete table, add, delete adn rename columns, edit and insert fields and many more. Version 1.2 update: abilitly to walk across directories in rigth menu - better sort your data files. Also have fixed login bug in some versions of php.

License type: Other
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