Php2Html enables web site administrators to create static documents from dynamic URLs significantly increasing a web server's scalability.

Many web sites contain dynamic pages that are served over and over with the same content. Each time a client requests one of these pages, the server must regenerate the page. In many cases this includes hitting external web sites for content, such as RSS feeds. In other cases, the server must retrieve data from a local database, format the data, and create an HTML page on the fly. Not only does this format take longer to server up each page, but if the external site is down, the page may not display properly. Scalability may also be significantly compromised, as the server must re-generate the page every time a client requests the page.

To help insure a page is able to display all external content, Php2Html optionally checks each configured link to verify it's availability. For example, if your page includes an area to display an index to an RSS feed, Php2Html validates the RSS feed before updating the static page. If the feed is down, Php2Html does not update the static copy of your page but rather sends an email to the system administrator. Assuming the static page had been created earlier when the RSS feed was live, end users still see a clean page on their end. The links within the RSS feed may be bad, however; the index itself appears correctly to the end user. Had the system administrator not used Php2Html, end users would see a page with an error displayed where instead they should see the RSS index.

Php2Html can be run on the web server itself and pages updated directly, or optionally on a remote computer. If run on a remote computer, Php2Html can automatically FTP the updated files to the web server.

License type: GPL - GNU General Public License
Date added: 6 years, 10 months 22 days ago | Last updated: 6 years, 10 months 22 days ago

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