PHP URL Shortener

This is a PHP URL shortening service. This script the service's domain, adds a "/" and then a starts counting the shorten links. Installation instructions are provided inside the project's README file.

Features of PHP URL Shortener:
- Can shorten over 42 billion unique URLs in 6 or less characters (it can do more than 12,000,000 in only 4!)
- Super duper fast—uses very little server resources
- Includes an API so you can create your own short URLs on the fly
- Option to turn click-through tracking on and off
- Option to limit usage to 1 IP address for personal use and to prevent spamming from others
- Only uses alphanumeric characters so all browsers can interpret the URL
- Secure—several data filters in place to prevent SQL injection hacks
- Option to check if the URL is real (doesn’t respond with a 404) before shortening
- Uses 301 redirects for SEO and analytics data
- Option to store a local cache to prevent database queries on every redirect
- Option to change the characters allowed in a shortened URL

License type: Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported
Date added: 4 years, 9 months 11 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 9 months 11 days ago

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