PHP Threader 1.6

PHP Threader can be used to trigger the execution of multiple server side scripts via AJAX or PHP sockets. It has an OOP structure allowing adding calling threads methods or communication methods as add-ons with no major changes.

PHP Threader comes with two default thread calling methods:
- Ajax : in Ajax Method It generates Javascript to trigger the execution of one ore more PHP script by sending an AJAX request to a given URL.
- Sockets : in Sockets Method it uses POST requests to execute Multiple Scripts/Threads

Multiple scripts may be executed in parallel as if they were separate PHP threads. Each thread may take it's own parameters.

PHP Threader comes withtwo default thread communicationand synchronization methods:
- Plain Files
- MySql Heap Engine/Table which is
. Faster and more efficient
. gives the abillity that Threads work in different Servers and though communicate effeciently with each other

Key Features of PHP Threader:
- Threads can interact directly with user in Ajax Method (works best with FireFox as it implements Ajax as it should)
- Threads can communicate directly & Share data (Communication is Fully encapsulated)
- Also there is a Mutex Synchronization of data access

License type: GPL - GNU General Public License
Date added: 7 years, 6 months 16 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 3 months 11 days ago

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