PHP mySQL Database Wrapper Class 1.0.5

This PHP class is a mySQL database access wrapper. PHP mySQL Database Wrapper Class provides methods for interracting with a mySQL database from within PHP easily and securely.

Features of PHP mySQL Database Wrapper Class:
- connecting to a mySQL host and selecting a database
- method that is an alias of PHP's native mysql_query() function with the main differences being that, if passed in a special way, parameters will be automatically escaped and that errors will be reported to the built-in debugger - the query() method
- shorthand methods for running queries that perform COUNT(), MAX() or SUM() queries - dcount(), dmax() and dsum() methods
- shorthand method for fast retrieval of data in individual rows or even specific items in individual rows - the dlookup() method
- method that is an alias of the PHP's natibe mysql_real_escape_string() function with the main difference being that this one will check if magic_quotes are on or not and escape (or not) accordingly - the escape_string() method
- method for parsing a mySQL dump file very fast - the parse_mysql_dump_file() method
- aliases with error reporting of PHP's native functions mysql_insert_id() and mysql_fetch_assoc() - the insert_id() and fetch_assoc() methods
- provides a very useful debug interface which shows you detailed info about each query your script has run: displays each query as a formatted and syntax highlighted string for better reading, file and line number from where the query has been run, query execution time, eventual errors that might have had occured and notifies you if a specific query has been run more than once. the debug window will also show the total number of queries run, the total execution time of your queries, the values of $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIES, $_SERVER, $_SESSION and $_FILES superglobal variables and can also keep track of the values of variables set by the user by providing a "watch" functionality. the debug interface is template driven and supports localisation
- can be instructed to output debug information to a log file
- can be instructed to send emails to specified address if a query runs longer then a specified time
- the code is heavily documented so you can easily understand every aspect of it

License type: Free for non-commercial purposes.
Date added: 9 years, 6 months 9 days ago | Last updated: 9 years, 6 months 9 days ago

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