PHP Lorem Ipsum 1.0

This is a PHP script can be used to generate dummy "Lorem Ipsum" filler text. It can populate web pages, text files or databases. The means word count of each paragraph is predetermined and can be set in the constuctor, currently the default is 100.

Features of PHP Lorem Ipsum:
- Generates content in three modes: Plain, HTML (content blocks nested in <p> tags), and Text (plain text in paragraph form)
- Sentences are punctuated and vary in length based on statistics collected here: Sentence length will vary on a Guassian distribution.
- HTML output is ‘clean-code’ formatted with tabs and new lines rather than just blobs of code
- More output formats to come…

Generate content in three modes:
- Plain
- HTML (content blocks nested in 'p' tags)
- Text (plain text in paragraph form)

License type: BSD
Date added: 4 years, 9 months 19 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 9 months 19 days ago

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