PhotoblogX 1.6

PhotoblogX is a lightweight, secure and easy to use photoblog. Only thing needed for this Photoblog script to work properly is MySQL. The script is lightweight, secure, and easy to use.

Features of PhotoblogX:
- Administration area fully working with automated requests. (AJAX requests thoroughly tested, no bugs).
- Rapid uploading of photos, a max of 10 images per time. The image selected should not be larger than 3.5MB
- Automatic generation of thumbnails.
- Tags for each photo.
- Categories handling, editing of photos to categorize. You can replace a existing photo.
- Biography accepts html code, password and title of site can be changed.
- Images cycle on main page.
- Thumbnails move along with the selected image.
- Easy commenting on photo.
- RSS Feed, shows Images along with the description and title of photo, as well the publication date and time of photos.
- Archive of photos, shows thumbnails of images by categories, and a link to see photos on main page.
- Biography page.
- A lot of effects to make the user experience better, borders with radius and shadows.
- The whole script weighs only 384KB
- Uses PDO Module for MySQL to avoid SQL injection, sanitazing of text and checks on variables.
- Whirlpool hash for password, and temporal password.
- Added it’s own effects for Internet Explorer so the GUI experience doesn’t degrades.
- Minimal requirements: MySQL.

License type: BSD
Date added: 3 years, 2 months 6 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 2 months 4 days ago

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