PCSS 0.71

PCSS is a PHP - driven server-side CSS3 pre-processor. It allows CSS developers to write CSS code with variables and various shortcuts, While the user still gets standards-complaint CSS code on his side.

The pre-processor takes all the customized CSS code and transforms it into normal CSS code.

Features of PCSS:
- Minifies the resulting CSS file
- Class nesting
- Variables that can hold any kind of data
- Default unit and default image directory to set for pre-defined functions
- @font-face shortcut with server-side browser detection for slimmer resulting code
- Browser-specific shortcuts are detected on server-side to avoid redundant commands (like many "-webkit", "-moz", etc.)
- Pre-defined CSS constants and PCSS functions to make the CSS writing more intuitive and to make the code slimmer and even more readable

- PHP 5.0 or Higher

License type: Creative Commons - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
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