PclXml 0.4

PclXml is a library that help working with XML files. It is a PHP XML script to easily manage XML files and strings. PclXml allows you to read an XML file and store the XML tokens values and properties in a hierarchically organized object. PclXml defines several methods that allow for quick and easy access to attributes (properties) values, childs in the hiearachy, content, ... PclXml can also save the XML hierarchy in a file.

What's New in This Release Version 0.4 PclXml:
- Change all the object class. New name PclXmlTag to avoid confusion.
- No backward compatibility with 0.3 and earlier.
- With read_file() and read_string() options can be set. Option "uppercase" is supported today : $tag->read_file('myfile.xml','uppercase=true') which will put all tag names and attributes name in uppercase.
- Add walk_reset() and walk_attributes() methods.
- Add walk_childs() method. walk_reset() is used for both method.

License type: GNU/LGPL
Date added: 5 years, 4 months 1 day ago | Last updated: 5 years, 3 months 18 days ago

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