Pahaki 1.0

Pahaki has support for latitude, longitude, country names, codes, reverse geocode and other Xtify data.

- Register for an Xtify CPID
- Add this CPID to the pahaki.php

- pahaki_get($url)
  Used internally to download the XML from various data sources
- pahaki_locate($uuid)
  Get the Xtify XML for a specific UUID
- pahaki_lat($xml)
  Get the latitude from an Xtfiy XML string
- pahaki_lon($xml)
  Get the longitude from an Xtfiy XML string
- pahaki_timestamp($xml)
  Get the timestamp from an Xtify XML string
- pahaki_getCoords($xml)
  Get the latitude and longitude as an "lat,lon" string
- pahaki_getState($xml)
  Reverse geocode the state from an Xtify XML string
- pahaki_getCounty($xml)
  Reverse geocode the county name from an Xtify XML string

License type: Other Free / Open Source License - Public Domain
Date added: 5 years, 8 months 15 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 8 months 15 days ago

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