MySQL database backup 1.22

Designed to create a daily snapshot of the dynamic data on your website. (e.g. content management systems, forums, guestbooks etc.).

Features of MySQL database backup:
- Backup multiple databases and servers with different users and passwords.
- Backups can be scheduled using cron (on UNIX systems) or AT (on Windows systems).
- Create daily, weekly and monthly snpashots of your database.
- Keep the daily, weekly and monthly backups for a user-specified time.
- Archive and compress the SQL files (*.tar.gz).
- Creates a detailed report of everything that has been done.
- Reports can be mailed to you or any other user-specified email-address, saved to disk or displayed in browser.
- Generated SQL files can be mailed to you or any other user-specified email-address.
- Generated SQL files can be uploaded by FTP to any user-specified FTP server.
- Choose to create SQL files for each table or one for each database
- No system calls, everything in 100% pure PHP.

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