MRU manager 1.01

This PHP script is used to manage most recently user items in a MySQL table. It creates a MySQL table for storing identifiers of mostly recently used items. It can also add new items associated to a given item type and user, retrieve the list of added items and remove from the list specific items or items of a given type and user.

MRU stands for Most Recently Used files. Almost any program with "friendly" user interface gives a possibility to open one of last viewed/edited files, projects, etc. Last open file moves on the top of the list, the length of a list is usually not greater than 4-8 items.

Here are some key features of "MRU manager":
- Register "opening object" event and store it in the MRU data, realized as DB table (MySQL)
- Automatically create MRU table if not exist, during first "Register event" method calling ( RegisterEvent() )
- Manage events order, with deleting (pushing out) from MRU all events that become beyong configured MRU max length per object type
- Save MRU with user credentials (if multi-user MRU needed, your WEB application should store something like User ID's, or unique logins for logged-in users)
- Save separated MRU list for different types of viewed objects, so every user can have many independent MRU lists (for example for text files, HTML files, XML files, "policies" etc.)
- Retrieve MRU list for objects of any "registered" type, with optional building of ready-to-use URI that will re-open referenced document
- Delete unneeded MRU records programmatically (for example, if some object is deleted from disc, and there is no reason to have a respective record in MRU list)

- PHP 5.2 or higher

License type: BSD License
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