MP3 Jukebox 1.0

MP3 Jukebox provides the functionality of a simple jukebox like Web based Radio. It can generate and serve play list files that contain the URLs of a set of audio files that are queued for playing consecutively.

The audio files to be played are stored in queue directory. The class keeps the play order according to the order by which the files were uploaded to the queue directory. The files are deleted from the queue directory after they are served.

MP3 Jukebox supports both Windows Media Player and WinAmp and compatible play lists, but WinAmp is more reccomended because it does not cache the files. Windows Media Player hangs on playing just one file again and again sometimes.

The player must be set to repeat continuously the audio track. In case of Windows Media Player also to always connect to the Internet ('Options/Player/Connect to the Internet'). Then just select 'File/Open URL' and type in the Internet address of the script.

License type: GPL - GNU General Public License
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