Metabase 1.0

Metabase is package of classes that provide DBMS independent access and management of databases.

Features of Metabase:
-  Dual API call forms
-  Direct driver class object calls
Global function calls
- Set of functions that call the selected DBMS driver objects functions supporting when possible
- Database connection setup with support for connection strings
- Operation error handling
- Query constant data conversion
- Direct queries
- Prepared queries
- Query result rows random access
- Retrieve a limit range of rows of a SELECT query.
- Transactions
- Large object fields (BLOBs -  storing files in the database)
- Database object creation (tables, indexes, sequences)
- DBMS driver supported feature query
- DBMS Drivers classes that support the most important databases being used on the Web.
- Driver conformance test suite to verify if the driver classes are working and features are properly implemented.

A parser class that is able to interpret DBMS independent database schemas file defined in a custom XML format supporting the following types of objects: Tables with fields of the types: text, integer, boolean, date, time, timestamp, decimal, float, character large objects (CLOBs) and binary large objects (BLOBs), auto- increment.

A manager class that is able to:
- Install a new database from a schema description interpreted by the parser class.
- Ability to compare a previously installed schema with a new schema and only install the changes without affecting data stored after the previous installation or update.
-  Dump database structure and contents in the same XML format handled by the parser allowing for moving data between databases of different DBMS vendors.
-  Reverse engineer schemas of already installed databases

License type: BSD - BSD License
Date added: 9 years, 9 months 1 day ago | Last updated: 9 years, 9 months 1 day ago

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