Menu Handling Class with SimpleXML and PHP 1.0_XML_MenuClass_CB

The big part of programming web applications is writing a lot of code - time-consuming. Classes are usefull to save time. This class is taking care of the menu handling. The XML file is easy to create: Main navigation and sub navigation differ only from the name of the node, the id of main and sub node must be the same to assign to each other. The menu class handles how and when to open and close the navigation elements.

Menu Handling Class with SimpleXML and PHP controls nine variables you deliver according to your environment and XML file by adapting the PHP code in the HTML file.

Menu Handling Class with SimpleXML and PHP is made of two parts:
- In part 1 the class loops through the XML file counting all the values from the main nodes and sets text, Url and Id to access the corresponding sub elements.
- In part 2 there are three parts: First we read the id and set the corresponding main elements (if id is 2 we show only 2 main elements), second we show all sub elements with the same id and third we show the rest of the elements.

License type: Freeware
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