Maian Recipe 2.0

Maian Recipe is a free recipe system. Maian Recipe has the features of Option for visitor to submit recipes and visitor submitted recipes approval system. It has the function for visitor to upload pictures with recipe submission.

Features of Maian Recipe:
- XHTML/CSS templated system.
- Picture upload restrictions for image type and file size.
- Optional auto resize option for jpeg images.
- Image scroller for images.
- Integration of EnlargeIt for full size pictures
- Ajax comments system
- Comment approval system
- Optional Ajax recipe rating system
- Ratings/Recipes & Comments can be enabled/disabled on a per category basis
- Categories/Sub Categories
- Add Meta keywords/descriptions for categories and recipes
- Optional RSS feeds for latest recipes
- Optional RSS feeds for latest recipes in individual categories
- Optional cloud tag system
- Contact & contact us about recipe options
- Tell a friend about this recipe feature
- Printer friendly versions
- Search engine friendly urls via mod_rewrite and .htaccess
- MySQL FULLTEXT search engine for better search
- MySQL FULLTEXT admin search engine for recipes/comments
- Hit counter
- Many user editable variables for easy editing
- View rating overview in admin area
- Many batch options in admin area
- E-mail templates
- Easily manage and upload recipe pictures via admin interface
- Option for admin to batch approve recipes/comments
- Optional captcha for spam prevention
- Flash header slideshow with transition and text effects
- Auto install file
- SMTP send options
- Utilises the Savant template engine

- PHP 4.3.0 or Higher

License type: Freeware
Date added: 4 years, 10 months 23 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 10 months 22 days ago

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