Log watcher 1.0

Log watcher is meant to poll log files and take any newly added lines and send them to a given watcher e-mail address.

Although Log watcher can be used to poll any type of log files, it was developed with the intention to overcome a limitation of the PHP error trapping system that is not able to capture certain types of errors like script parsing errors or file upload failures. Despite of this, these errors are sent to a log file if error logging is enabled in the PHP configuration.

The goal of Log watcher is to capture the error messages sent to log files and send them by e-mail to a person responsible for a site, so any necessary action may be taken with minimal delay.

To use Log watcher to watch the PHP error log, take the example script and adjust any values to match your PHP configuration.

For security reasons, in a production environment, you are strongly encouraged disable displaying PHP errors on Web pages and enable logging errors to a log file. A sample php.ini configuration file is provided to indicate which options should be set in a production environment.

License type: BSD - BSD License
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