IP2More 1.0

IP2More can lookup related information of the country of the network of a given IP address. It does not need an SQL database server as it uses the ip2country flat file databases to lookup the the IP country and other details like the country ISO 2 and 3 letter codes, FIPS104 code, ISO number, region, capital, currency name and code and flags.

IP2More can also generate select inputs for choosing a country in Web forms. The select input default country can optionally be set to the country of a the user's IP address.

You can change the WHOIS service to any other one you might know. But if you did so, don't forget to change the $whois_regex and $whois_return.

License type: GPL - GNU Public License
Date added: 10 years, 6 months 7 days ago | Last updated: 10 years, 6 months 7 days ago

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