IP Address Subnet Sniffer 1.0

IP Address Subnet Sniffer can be used to determine weather a given IP address belongs to a given list of subnetworks. The class takes an array of subnetwork masks to be checked in the form of strings with decimal numbers seperated dots.

Then IP Address Subnet Sniffer can check whether a given IP address belongs to any of the specified subnetworks by applying the respective masks.

IP Address Subnet Sniffer was created to emulate the "Deny from x.x.x.x" directive for Apache (nd other servers -- for example, Samba uses a similar format for allowing/denying access to a range of IP addresses).

For example, you can emulate the line "Deny from" by supplying the string "" to the class. To see exactly how to do this, see the documentation within the class file itself.

License type: GPL - GNU Public License
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