gnuPG class 1.0

gnuPG class provides an PHP interface to use the functionality of gnuPG to encrypt and decrypt data and manipulate encryption keys.

The implemented functionality includes:
- GenKey: generate a new key.
- Encrypt: encrypt any content
- Decrypt: decrypt previously encrypted content
- Export: export a key
- Import: import a key block
- ListKeys: list the keys in the key ring
- DeleteKey: delete a key from the key ring
- SignKey: make a signature on key

gnuPG class not use temporary files, so the passwords and the sensitive information to be encrypt is never made accessible from the outside of the applications that use this class.

License type: LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License
Date added: 10 years, 6 months 8 days ago | Last updated: 10 years, 6 months 8 days ago

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