Get IP Info 1.0

Get IP Info can be used to keep track of remote machines IP address. It can associates a given e-mail address passed as a request parameter to the IP address of a machine accessing the Web server. The IP address and the e-mail address association are stored in an e-mail address.

When the IP address of the given e-mail address is changed, the class sends a notification to that e-mail address.

Get IP Info can be used regularly with a task scheduler like cron, to monitor and notify changes of an IP address of a machine connected to the Internet using a dynamic IP address.

That class get IP (from machine on execute) and send e-mail if IP is change. This is if you have remote machine with dynamic IP and you want connect to it via SSH, Remote Desctop connection or etc. This action require class execute periodic time and on Linux you need add cron job.

License type: GPL - GNU General Public License
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