Generalized CachedTemplate class 1.0

A generalized parsed template caching mechanism, that can work with a variety of existing template classes.

The latest version can always be found at the CachedTemplate class site, there you can download also all the examples with their respective include files and templates.

New version 1.1 - includes support for PHPLIB's Template class and the use of GET query string in the document caching
New version 1.2 - Added a more general way of dealing with variables that the user may want to be used in writing/reading/validating cached documents, also added support for external data validation (using a timestamp or md5 hash)
New version 1.2.1 - Bug fix in the read_from_cache, which appeared when using use_get or use_vars w/ the "in_name" option
New version 1.2.2 - typo fix in the $release var, affected old version of PHP3; fixed typos in documentation
New version 1.3(unreleased) - added support for a file locking mechanism to
avoid race conditions
New version 1.4 - support for reading from a cached file, useful when doing a
partial caching of content (see partial_caching.php for an example)

License type: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 27 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 5 months 27 days ago

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