GB CJ 3.5

GB CJ is the system for control of the traffic on your site. Script uses the most modern technologies for traffic exchange with sites, which have placed your link. The system enables of traffic exchange by blind links, direct links, pop-ups, create full-function toplists on your page and manage the contents of your site.

Script uses unique algorithms for analysis of quality of the traffic coming from other sites (including the analysis of friendliness of the visitors, payment ability, their languages, uniqueness of the traffic and much more) and distributes your traffic on these sites by the most optimum way.

Skilful use of script functions guarantees avalanche growth of your site popularity. GB CJ uses on some sites which have 50 000 - 100 000 unique visitors per day and on many sites with 1 000 - 10 000 visitors daily.

Features of GB CJ:
- Written in PHP without using MySQL and very quick
- Easily set up and running in minute
- Script automatically finds your best trade partners, and sends more hits to them to increase your traffic
- All trade partners can send their hits directly to your root url or can use individual id
- Individual stats for every partner, including in/out stats, trade quality, hourly diagrams
- Statistics calculated for all your bookmark and most information tracked for your non-trade traffic
- All possible types of forces - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, right now, auto, soft
- Send out uniques, so the script will not send the same surfer to the same site twice
- Improvements in coding to make the program more stable with less server resource useage
- Ability to make permanent and group links
- Filtering of incoming and outgoing hits by browser language, proxy, robots etc
- Automatic finding of toplists reset time
- Dynamic autoforces for toplists which guarantee to you the first places in ratings
- Sending hits to content by % chance, first click to content
- High reliability - daily backup and automatic restoring of database
- Optional traffic redirect by languages
- Up to 10 independent text-thumb-content rotators automatically defines the most popular links on your site and places them in the top of page
- Multy-main-pages. New main page will be shown to the none-unique visitors
- Intellectual anticheat algorithms which are not having of analogues do not give chances to cheaters
- Scanning of sites of new traders for improper content
- Templates generator for beginners
- Script is free and even you get bonus from us - we buy percent of your traffic. Yes, you will get $$$ fo using of our script. You will get good cash for each click, generated by your traffic (1-50 cents per click). Your affiliate account will get 1.5% of your outgoing hits for sites with over 1K outs/day and nothing for sites with the smaller traffic. If you do not need money, then traffic will be redirected without your affiliate id.

- PHP 4.1 or Higher
- ionCube PHP loader

License type: Freeware
Date added: 4 years, 9 months 29 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 9 months 28 days ago

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