Gallery 3.0.2

Gallery is an open source web based photo album organizer. After years of development, this is one of the most complete and advanced tools for managing a photo album.

Features of Gallery:
- Image Magick or NetPBM - pick which image manipulation package you have on your server or want to use.
- Auto Rotate Images - Gallery can look at information in pictures from digital cameras and automatically rotate them as needed.
- Image Quality and Size Defaults - You can limit the quality and size of images so that when images are uploaded, Gallery will resize them to save space.
- Main Gallery Page Settings - The configuration wizard contains all of the settings for how the main Gallery page looks and acts including showing or hiding the album tree, search engine, or album owner, and what frames to show around albums.
- Optional Binaries: zip, jhead, jpegtran - If you have these programs on your webserver, you can enable them to make gallery work better and be more flexible.
- Languages - Choose which languages you want your Gallery to support and how the user is presented with the choice.
- Email Support - Set up email support to have your Gallery email users when their accounts are created or when they forget their password, email you copies, email people when the Gallery is updated, and more!
- Gallery-wide Slideshow - enable or disable a slideshow that includes all pictures in the gallery
- Commenting - turn off or on the public commenting system and configure it.
- Logging - enable logging with syslog or the Windows logger
- RSS publishing - publish your Gallery with RSS![1]
- Album Defaults - set defaults for the way that all new albums will originally look
- Accounts/Permissions
- Albums
- Upload a ZIP file full of photos and movies
- Use a form to upload up to 10 photos at each time with and optional file containing descriptions.
- Specify a web page and let Gallery go slurp up all the photos and movies on that page.
- Copy all images to a directory on your webserver and let Gallery copy them directly into your album.
- Use the embedded applet and drag-and-drop pictures and movies to upload them.
- Use Gallery Remote or one of the Other methods available.
- Edit the title, caption, keywords, and other custom fields that you define.
- Modify the thumbnail with java applet, selecting only part of the image to show.
- Rotate the image in increments of 90 degrees.
- Move the photo to a different place in the same album or a different album.
- Hide the photo so that only the album owner or logged in users can see it.
- Delete the photo.
- Add a watermark of your choice to your photo.
- Languages - Gallery supports over 30 languages and you can choose which language you want to have and how they are presented to the user. The language can be automatically detected by Gallery from the user's browser configuration, or the user can be presented with a drop down box or pictures of flags to select a language.
- Unique, Short URLs - If your server supports mod_rewrite (a module for Apache), your albums and pictures can have short, easy to remember urls such as
- Fit-to-window Images - If a visitor has a supported browser, Gallery can dynamically resize images to make them as large as possible while still fitting inside of the visitors browser window.
- Full or Resized Images - Visitors can choose if they want to see the full size images or scaled versions.
- Print Photos - Gallery supports several photo-printing services which allow visitors to order prints of pictures in your gallery.
- Keyword Searching - Visitors can search a gallery for text in Picture and Album descriptions and optional fields.
- EXIF Headers - Gallery can read information embedded in the exif headers of jpegs. Digital Cameras and some photo editing programs use these headers to store information about how and when pictures were taken or created.
- Click Counting - Gallery keeps track of how many times albums and pictures are viewed and displays them on your Gallery so that you know which items are most popular.
- Public Commenting - Visitors can comment on pictures and other visitors can view them. Logged in users with the proper permissions can delete comments and view all of them on one page.
- Polling - The owner of an album can choose to include a poll where visitors can vote on which image they think is the best, or what they think of every image. Results can be displayed at the top of the album or only to the album owner.
- Slideshow - Visitors can view the pictures and, if configured, pictures in subalbums, as either a slideshow inside of the browser window or as a full screen slideshow.
- Album Tree - A tree of all albums and subalbums with clickable links to them can be displayed on the front page of your Gallery to provide quick and easy access to all of the albums.

- Web Server
- Image Processing Library
- PHP 4.3 or Higher
- Database: MySQL 3.x, 4.x or 5.x, PostgreSQL 7.x or 8.x, Oracle 9i or 10g, DB2 8.2, MS SQL Server 2005

License type: GPL
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