File Info Cache 1.0

File Info Cache browses a directory and recursively caches file information to a database. Once the file information is in a database you can access it easily and efficiently. This script is only intended to run from the shell, from a crontab or similar process; I don't recommend changing permissions on your files for the webserver to access them!

File Info Cache was designed to cache information about mp3 files so a weighted playlist system could be constructed for Shoutcast (see example file ./cache-sc-server.php). To store further information about a file, you may wish to create a new table in the database. If so, please send me your additions and I will incorporate them into the package.

You need the ADODB database tool to run the class ( and you need the AudioFile class ( to cache mp3 files. Currently the class has only been tested with MySQL but should support any database supported by ADODB. Please see the class comments for installation, testing/stats, and license.

License type: LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License
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