Faker 1.2.0

Faker is a PHP library for generating filler (fake) data which can be used whenever a database or text container needs to be filled with sample/filler content. It can generate filler content like:

- Addresses
- Street names
- Cities
- States
- State abbreviations
- Zip codes
- Postal codes
- Countries
- Names
- First names
- Last names
- Usernames
- Domain names
- Domain suffixes
- IPv4 addresses
- Phone numbers
- Catch phrases
- Time stamps
- Dates
- Time data
- Month names
- Month name abbreviations
- Week day names
- Week day name abbreviations
- Emails

- PHP 5.3.3 or Higher

What's New in This Version:
- Added new provider for fr_BE locale
- Updated locale provider to use a static locale list
- Fixed invalid UTF-8 sequence in domain provider with the Bulgarian provider
- Fixed the nl_NL Person provider
- Removed all requires and added the autoload definition to composer
- Fixed encoding problems in nl_NL Address provider
- Added icelandic provider (is_IS)
- Added en_CA address and phone numbers
- Updated safeEmail provider to be really safe
- Documented alternative randomNumber usage
- Added basic file provider
- Fixed use of fourth argument on Doctrine addEntity
- Added nl_BE provider
- Added Random Float provider
- Fixed bug in Faker\ORM\Doctrine\Populator
- Updated ru_RU provider
- Added safe email domain provider
- Fixed latitude provider
- Fixed unpredictability of fake data generated by Faker\Provider\Base::numberBetween()
- Added uuid provider
- Added possibility to call methods on Doctrine entities, possibility to generate unique id
- Fixed prefixes typos in 'pl_PL' Person provider
- Added more fake data to the Ukraininan providers
- Added more fake data to the Italian providers
- Fixed spaces appearing in generated emails
- Added Armenian (hy_AM) provider
- Added Generation of valid SIREN & SIRET codes to French providers
- Added Dutch (nl_NL) provider
- Fixed missing typehint in Base::__construct()
- Fixed typo in README
- Added Ukrainian (ua_UA) provider
- Added Turkish (tr_TR) Provider
- Fixed executable bit in some PHP files
- Added Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) provider
- Added Spanish (es_ES) provider
- Fixed Doctrine populator to allow for the population of entity data that has associations to other entities
- Added Danish (da_DK) providers

License type: MIT
Date added: 3 years, 10 months 17 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 9 months 23 days ago

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