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Event Calendar is a free PHP calendar script that is used to store all your important & memorable personal, as well as your social events. The homepage of the calendar contains the current month and date. The option is given at the left hand side wherein the user can opt for his own choice of month and year, and then the calendar takes you to the same. If the user just clicks the date, all the events which are already stored will appear relevant to the date. And total no of events also will be displayed in numbers.

If the user wants to store new Events, just click the Event Record Button, a fresh page will appear and this page contains the title of the event, Starting and End date of the event, starting and end time of the event, Ticket Price, Event Place and Contact. Please fill the information against each option and later the same stored data will appear in the Home Page. The Event Search is meant for searching all the events between the two given dates.

Features of Event Calendar:
- This can very well be used as an ordinary calendar too.
- The option of Event Search will show all the events between two dates
- The event Record option contains URL too, hence if your click URL address that will connect you to the referred URL address.
- In this Calendar, Sunday and the current date are marked in different colors.

- PHP 4.3.2 or Higher
- MySQL 4.1 or Higher
- Enough Band width

- First, Click the Event Record Button.
- Go to Event Record Page and Fill in details correctly.
- Next you click the submit button.
- Now the data will be stored relevant to the date.
- If you click the particular date, then the stored event data will be displayed.

License type: Freeware
Date added: 4 years, 11 months 22 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 10 months 20 days ago

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