Easy Template 2.5

Incredibly easy and powerful templating class - Separate your code from your HTML. The code is extremely compact and fast. Uses regular expressions to do most of the work.

This powerful class implements a template engine based on tag replacement. It can load templates from files and replace tags with template parameter values.

The template tags are special HTML comments (or ACTUAL HTML TAGS). They can be replaced with arbitrary HTML, arbitrary text to be escaped as HTML, text read from files or remote Web pages, or another template.

New version 2.5: Now you can use actual HTML tags as template tags! Use ANY HTML editor to create your templates.

Replace an HTML tag or just the tag's data. Change actual existing tables, dropdowns, and list data on the fly with arrays - while still keeping all attributes and style information. Grab a table from a page on another site or create SELECT OPTION lists on the fly - all from one single line of code.

Supports database records, numbered arrays, and associative arrays - and can even populate table headers using array keys... and LOT'S MORE.

Methods were separated into an extended class for performance (because they use the regex engine). The separation of code also makes the class more maintainable, faster, memory efficient and easier to use for smaller projects. Use "Template" for simple templating and "TemplateHTML" for ultra high performance HTML support where actual form elements can be used as template tags.

(Still compatible with 1.x code - works GREAT with Ultimate MySQL class)

License type: Freely Distributable
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 26 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 5 months 26 days ago

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