This is a soothing flash & php based guestbook. It uses flat text file database to store entries instead of MySQL. This guestbook loads the newest entries first and loads 10 entries per pages. It has a very nice flash interface with advanced form validation. Besides signers can format their entries as just they like. It shows help message to every single format button so that visitors can find it easy to sign the guestbook. An easy to use admin panel also has been included with this guestbook to ensure maximum flexibility.

- Admin Panel to edit delete post.
- Rich text format toolbar
- Uses flat file to store data
- Load newest entries first
- Pagination

Upload the folder in your server with the following files. Change the CHMOD of the file 'entries.html' to 777. (CHMOD 777) Without this the php script wouldn't able to write down the entries in that file. In FileZilla ftp browser right click on the 'entries.html' file and click on 'File Attributes' then check all the boxes.

Admin Panel:
The default password for the admin panel is "admin" To change it open the index.fla file with macromedia flash. Go to layer password. And then open up the action panel for frame one and change the value of password to your one.

To log on to admin panel you need to go to admin folder input your password and thus log on to admin panel where you shall see non-html formatted source of your entries. If you are in confusion, you can always click on the preview button to see how they would appear in your guestbook. If you need to delete all entries simply click on delete button, remember the undo button can make undo of only one action.

License type: Freeware
Date added: 5 years, 7 months 1 day ago | Last updated: 5 years, 7 months 1 day ago

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