Conteg Content Negotiation 0.13.7

Conteg Content Negotiation is designed to auto-allow full use of HTTP Content Negotiation. Even in it's most minimal form - 3 lines of code - it will reduce server bandwidth and speed up document delivery three- to five-fold. The referrer, browser User-Agent and Operating System, are reported.

The script can also serve custom error-pages, auto-fixed for serving to Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers (404 Not Found, 410 Gone, and other). All setup parameters have defaults. All defaults may be changed.

Key Features of Conteg Content Negotiation:
- Accept-Encoding: Load-balanced compressed output if the browser accepts it is auto-negotiated by default
- Expires, Cache-Control, Last-Modified: Sends an Expires header of 1 hour by default. Cache-Control and Last-Modified headers can be added by means of setup switches, in which case Conteg will auto-negotiate If-Modified-Since + If-Unmodified-Since, auto-sending a '304 Not Modified' if appropriate.
- ETag, Ranges: If turned on via setup switches, Conteg will auto-negotiate If-None-Match, If-Match, If-Range + Range, auto-sending '406 Not Acceptable', '412 Precondition Failed', '416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable' or '206 Partial content' if appropriate.
- Charset, Language, Media-Type: If turned on via setup switches, Conteg will report these within the document headers. Class functions are provided to allow content negotiation outside the Class.

PHP 4.1.0 or higher

License type: LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License
Date added: 6 years, 11 months 27 days ago | Last updated: 6 years, 11 months 27 days ago

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