Combo Validation 1.0.14

Forms can be validated on the client side before they are submitted. It can also validate forms on the server side using the class' own PHP code.

Currently Combo Validation supports several built- in validation types such as empty fields, e- mail address, URL, numeric value within optional range, length between a range, and others. The way errors are displayed after client side validation is configurable and it works similarly in different browsers.

Key Features of Combo Validation:
- Validation: (defining new field types, overriding validation functions , using regex , etc...)
- View: ability to choose between various ways of showing errors. currently "alert,div , nearFields, pageCenterDiv, formCenterDiv ,customizedDiv" are supported out of the box. and it's also possible to override the display function and show errors in the way you want.
- Cross browser (IE6+, Firefox2+, Opera7+, Safari3+, All Mozilla based browsers)
- Very well tested
- Easy to integrate: All of the PHP functions used in the class have prefixes and also accept prefixes to prevent conflicts with other JavaScript in the application
- Extensible: Some design patterns like factory and chain of commands have been used in both JavaScript and PHP sides for ease of extensibility. Code is documented and also name of all of the methods and functions are self described.
- PHP 4 & 5 compatible
- Multilingual
- XHML Valid

PHP 4.3 or higher

License type: GPL - GNU General Public License
Date added: 7 years, 6 months 15 days ago | Last updated: 7 years, 6 months 15 days ago

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