BmpCrypt 1.0

BmpCrypt is a class that uses the steganography technique to hide encrypted data within a bitmap image (.BMP). It can hide the data very well in 24 or 32 bit RGB images.

BmpCrypt could be used to hide the data in indexed color images, for instance of 256 colors, but that would require adding a few functions to deal with the modifications to the color palette.

BmpCrypt implements 4 levels of bit stream encoding. Each level uses an increasing number of bits per each byte in the RGB pixel table. Therefore, the higher level of encoding will hold more bytes of data in the bitmap image.

The class comes with a Web base example that shows how to decrypt an encrypted JPEG out of a BMP file and displays the output image. There is also an example script that shows how to use the class to encrypt and decrupt data from the command line.

License type: GPL - GNU Public License
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