anyDB 1.0

This abstract wrapper class provides easy and simple class methods to access the most important db function. It implements the functionality for databases like MYSQL, POSTGRESQL or SQLITE.

anyDB provides a wrapper for PEAR, PHPLIB, ADOdb and METABASE and enables you to switch between these db abstraction layers with only changing a single line of code. You gain the possibility to develop similar code for more than 15 different databases.

Detailed documentation for all the complete interface exists. A ligtweight interface supports the most common tasks in an easy and efficent way, such as sending queries and fetching result sets or single variables.

Additional classes provide tools for accessing database data, dumping information in html tables, exporting db content to CSV-files or as SQL statements or presenting database content pagewise (e.g. for search results).

function Constructor($libraryPath, $dbType, $preferredResType = ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY)
function connect($host, $db, $user, $password)
function disconnect()
function query($query)
function getNext($resultType = PREDEFINED_VALUE)
function getAll($resultType = PREDEFINED_VALUE)
function getValue()
function getColumn($resultType = PREDEFINED_VALUE)
function execute($query, $resultType = PREDEFINED_VALUE)
function free()
function numRows()
function affectedRows()
function getIdentifier()
function getTables()
function escapeStr()

string $host
string $database
string $user
string $password
integer $prefResType
string $lastQuery
string $error
string $db
string $result

License type: LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License
Date added: 10 years, 6 months 8 days ago | Last updated: 10 years, 6 months 8 days ago

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