Animus Comments 1.0

This script lets you add a "comments" section to any web pages that you control. It can block sapmbots by using a captcha, filter out obscene language, and be made to look like your site so that it doesn't stick out. It even has the ability to let people rate comments with high rating will be displayed more visibly, comments with lower ratings can be hidden.

Features fo Animus Comments:
- Extremely easy to install. Once the script is set up, a single line of code copy/pasted into whatever web page you want to add comments to does the job.
- Lets you edit or delete any comments that have been made, so you have full control of what is posted.
- Lets you change the way that comments appear, so as to match the look of your web site.
- Lets your visitors vote comments up or down. Comments that receive a lot of positive votes will be more visible, while comments with many negative votes will fade away.
- Lets you restrict the use of the script to your domain, preventing abuse.
- Can be set up to use a language filter, which replaces obscene words with cleaner ones. The filter is fully editable, so you can tweak it to your needs.
- Can be made to fully match the look and feel of your web site so that it blends in perfectly.
- Can be configured to use a Captcha, preventing abuse from spambots.
- Can be set to send you an e-mail whenever someone leaves a comment, making it easier to keep an eye on things.*
- Can be set up to allow or disallow anonymous posting.

License type: Freeware
Date added: 5 years, 11 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 8 days ago

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