Amba XML document 3.2

The package contains two classes for an easy creation, navigation and processing of XML documents. The DOM Document extension class can return the document root element, add a new node to the end of the document, select nodes that match a XPath expression, call a function for a list of elements and transform a document using XSL.

The DOM element extension class can get XML for the owner document, get the node XPath, get child nodes, select child nodes that match a XPath expression, get the parent and sibling nodes, get and set attributes by name, copy attributes, add child nodes and character data, import and export nodes to and from another document, set and get the inner XML of a node, call a function for nodes that map a XPath expression, etc..

Standard DOMDocument has rich functionality, but it is not handy enough. XMLDocument is extension of standard PHP DOMDocument and DOMElement.

Here are some key features of Amba XML document:
- Inner XML getting/setting - easy and in one line.
- Chain style to create new node sets.
- Functions for frequently used actions: copy attributes, delete all childs etc.
- SelectSingleNode and SelectNodes - node related functions works like same functions in C#.

License type: BSD License
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