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  1. OFX Parser
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    This class can be used to parse and extract financial records from documents in OFX format (Open Financial Exchange) used by programs such as Intuit Quicken and Microsoft Money.In can parse an OFX document either from a string or from a file.The class can retrieve the document financial records and filter by several types of criteria like by memo, by ...
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    A XML parser, that's extremly fast and easy to use, tested in two websites and gave good results!
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    This class can be used to compose HTML and XML documents programmatically.It can add tags to the document by calling functions of the class with the same name of the tags, passing tag attributes and data values as function arguments.The class may also search for tags inside others by tag ID or value Requirement: PHP 5.0
  4. Feed Generator
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    This package can be used to generate feeds in Atom or RSS formats. There are several classes for composing the feed items and channel definitions. Separate classes can output the defined feeds in the Atom or RSS 2.0 formats. The generated feeds may be returned as a string or displayed as the output of the current PHP script.
  5. Feed Finder
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    This class can be used to check whether an URL is of an RSS or Atom feed.It retrieves the contents of a Web resource given its URL. The class tries to parse the retrieved content assuming it is a XML document. It checks whether certain XML elements are present to determine whether it is a feed in RSS 1, RSS ...
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    Generates a set of php configuration classes from a supplied xml file. You can then access your configuration values very quickly without having to parse the xml file on every request. This class can be used to generate a PHP class from an XML file. It is a professional PHP code generator. The element (tag) names become property names and ...
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    This class can be used to Backup and restore MySQL databases from XML files.It can query database schema and data and generates a XML document that describes the database tables and data contained in the table rows.The class can also parse a XML document previously generated by the class and restores the database schema and its rows.
  8. Easy Message
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    Easy Message can be used to display messages read from an XML file. It can parse a XML file with messages and generate HTML to display a given message on a Web page.The message is displayed using a different CSS class according to the type of message defined in the CSS file.
  9. DynFetcher
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    This class can be used to retrieve information from remote Web page using the SimpleXML API.It retrieves the contents of a given Web page and then uses the SimpleXML API to import the page document .The class can extract page elements given the respectuve XPath document path.The extracted data may be subject of subsequent processing with user defined PHP code.
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    DOMIT! RSS is an RSS feed parser written purely in PHP. It therefore does not require the installation of any PHP extensions.Unlike most other PHP RSS clients, it uses a DOM XML parser -- DOMIT! -- to convert an RSS feed into a DOM document that can be traversed using the standard DOM methods.DOMIT! RSS is able to parse all ...
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    This class can be used to generate RSS 2.0 feeds.It creates a DOM document and can add nodes of a RSS 2.0 feed to describe the RSS channel and its item details.The generated document served as the current script output.
  12. db2XML
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    This class can be used to generate XML documents from MySQL query results.It can perform MySQL SELECT queries and extract the results to generate the values of tags and values to be added to a XML document.The same XML document may include results of multiple queries.
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    BowML Parser is a miniature PHP framework that lets you parse any type of markup language, such as: XML, HTML, WML, etc..It turns each element, string node, and attribute into its own object within your program.It can be for creating new Web pages or manipulating existing pages by using document objects instead of HTML text. The included example lets you ...
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    This class can be used to generate a XML document from array values. It traverses a given array recursively to get the values that are used to define the tags and data of the XML document. The generated XML document is served as the current script output.
  15. ABC_RSS
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    This class can be used to compose and generate RSS 2.0 feeds.It can compose the details of the RSS feed channel and the items it contains.The class can generate the XML string and either store it in a file, display it in the browser as the current script output, or force the browser to download.
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