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  1. XML DB
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    This package can be used to manage XML and MySQL databases using SQL.It can create a database with tables stored on XML document files, PHP serialized data or MySQL using separate driver classes. is an OpenSource PHP XML script.All drivers support querying data using the same SQL syntax.
  2. Wiki-Parser
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    This class can be used to parse text with Wiki syntax and build a XML document. The class belongs to an free PHP XML script. It can parse a given text and replace with custom HTML tag nodes. The class parses the resulting text to build a XML document object (DOM) for further processing by applications. Requirement: PHP 5.2 or ...
  3. XHTML_Validator
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    The XhtmlValidator can be used to validate XHTML documents. It uses only the expat extension functions always available under since PHP 3 and it does not need other external XML processing extensions.The class parses the documents and check whether the tags and attributes used by the documents are allowed within the XHTML standard. If validation errors are found, highlighted error ...
  4. Wiki Parser
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    This package can be used to retrieve documents from Wikipedia or any other MediaWiki based site and convert the wiki markup into plain HTML.
  5. Sparql Query Builder
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    This class can be used to compose queries to XML RDF documents using SPARQL. It can compose and generate queries for sending to a SPARQL end point that can extract semantic information from RDF documents. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or higher
  6. SimpleXML for PHP4
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    This class can be used to load XML documents under PHP 4 like PHP 5 SimpleXML extension. It can load and parse a XML document file like the simple_xml_load function. SimpleXML is an Open Source PHP XML class.The class reorganizes the parsed document nodes to return a document structure identical to the result of the simple_load_file function.Requirement: PHP 4.0
  7. Simple XML Generator
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    This class can be used to create XML documents from arrays using SimpleXML PHP extension.It is an Open Source PHP XML class.The generated document and be displayed as the current script output. It takes an associative array and traverses it recursively to add tags and data to the XML document. The code and comments are in Portuguese.Requirement: PHP 5.1 or ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    This script can be used to Parse XML documents and export as arrays or JSON or viceversa. Simple Object Element is an Open Source PHP XML script.It can parse a hierarchic document loaded from a XML file, a regular array or JSON encode string.The script may also export the document to an array or a JSON encoded string.Requirement: PHP 5 ...
  9. Simple Hook and Plug-ins System (XML)
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    This class functionality is extended class functionality with code define in XML. It loads plug-in code definitions from a XML file that contains additional code definitions that are imported into a MySQL database. Later the class can load the plug-in code from the MySQL database and execute it. Requirement: PHP 4.0
  10. No Screenshot
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    SAXY is a Simple API for XML (SAX) XML parser for PHP. It is lightweight, fast, and modeled on the methods of the Expat parser for compatibility. The primary goal of SAXY is to provide PHP developers with an alternative to Expat that is written purely in PHP. Since SAXY is not an extension, it should run on any Web ...
  11. RSS 2 Feed maker
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    This class can be used to generate XML for RSS 2 feeds. It can compose an RSS feed by adding the channel and the items' parameters. The class can render the RSS 2 XML definition as the current script output. Requirement: PHP 5.0
  12. No Screenshot
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    This is a port tp PHP of Repat, the RDF parser by Jason Diammond. The class allows you to parse all kinds of RDF documents admiting all the syntaxes defined by the W3C. The class uses an event-driven interface like SAX producing events as RDF statements are discovered by the parser.
  13. No Screenshot
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    XMLPod is meant to retrieve the news feed from the PHP.Net site and cache news results. It does not require any XML support built-in. It only uses the PCRE library. The number of headlines to be fetched can be easily specified in the constructor call. This program is governed by Yahoo! Terms & Conditions, and the GNU GPL.
  14. Oscar XML
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    This class can be used to create and manipulate XML documents with DOM document extension. It can create XML document from scratch or load it from a file or a string. The class can perform several types of operations with the document elements like: searching for elements, adding, updating or deleting elements, adding, updating or deleting attributes from tags.The manipulated ...
  15. No Screenshot
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    This class uses the WDDX format to describe data for generating user interfaces.From the WDDX data, any type of markup, including XUL, can be generated using XSLT. The generated markup can describe an entry form, for example.The data entered by the users in the generated forms can be validated on the client-side using javascript, or on the server-side by PHP ...
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